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The Reverb in Cedar Falls is trying out a goth/industrial night tonight. Hopefully they will have a good turnout so it becomes a regular event here in Iowa!
2/28/08 at The Reverb
204 Main St (upstairs)
Cedar Falls, IA 50613
$3 cover, bar opens at 7, DJs start 9-10
spiral galaxy

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this is a photo of me when i was just minding my own business and eating some corn, when a man who was wearing the same t-shirt and also eating corn came up to me and made friends.
can you cope?
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So so so; the angels; whom we often think of as grey aliens and get horrified of(ive seen em in the fields); they land in the corn fields; creating crop circles and when they touch the corn it turns grey and in shape of the brain; this is what we know as corn ergot; a chief ingredient in the original recipe for natural lsd; which after albert hoffman had a religious vision and got the formula for brought about a cultural revolution of the 6th decade of the 20th century that was predicted as far back as the BC era in Peru by ancient manuscripts that have been surpressed by church and hidden by government. All a coincidence? I think not. Furthermore; they based their ships on the gyroscope that can ricochet around the moons and swing out over the planets; since they all spiral in towards the sun; jupiter a giant crust matter around a gas giant will bake down, mars' ice will melt and life will come out of it, earth will turn into a place of perpetual rain when it gets warmer, much like venus, venus will crack open and boil, and mercury will move into the sun, creating JUST ENOUGH charge to melt the ice on mars and perform the other reactions of the 9, 9 the key number, denoting the fall. Spiders were sent here on the proverbial 8th day along with octopus; our successor; which in the future becomes the grey aliens. They set this whole thing up to find out where they came from. Between the spirals you have your waves, which is how you have music, radio, electricity. When you do too much mind expansion and learn how to leave your body when you die you get stuck on this rock till it moves towards the sun which was the proverbial hell that we were warned about.

I bleached my hair yellow for my corn pride.

Theres going to be a party at mr.corn's house.

I may be insane; but Ill always come back to Indiana.

If anyone's got any questions about the universe, corn, or anything else; let me know. "Talaam" is my alien name; and I was sent here to teach the humans; I am originally from somewhere else and if you look at my neck you will see moles in the shape of the big dipper; denoting my origins.

GM Maize

Wow...a community that worships corn, very interesting!! I'm not sure whether I am allowed to ask opinions here but if the post isn't welcome, just delete it! :D Well here goes...

I'm doing a research project on a contemporary biological issue I've decided to do Geneticaly Modified Maize and I've looked to LJ for some opinions. I hope this works. Anyone who has some opinions to share are welcome to, just answer this:

- Are you for or against Genetically Modified Maize?
- What is the reason for your opinion?
- Any other comments on the topic?

Thanks, Any opinions are welcome!!

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Hell Yeah!

It's nice to find a community that shares my obsession. Check the icon, and bow to Cornelius. If you don't, he'll cob you up.

Nice to hang with you all.
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so weird

What a strange community to have found! I would just like to say that Spring semester 2002, I wrote a 23 page paper on corn. It included drawings and history and it was the scurge of my life for 3 months. However, now I'm the corn girl. Or something. Then Fall 2002, I recycled the paper and used it again. My goal now is to go back to school and see how many MORE times I can use the corn paper.
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